About Milgi

Milgi, chameleonic in itsʼ nature has always got something new to talk about and our latest venture has been to change the roots of our food. After putting it to the public vote, Milgi is now 100% Vegetarian and we are very happy. We wanted a business that could not only thrive on bringing healthy food to itsʼ customers but could, at the same time, educate them about vegetarian food. We want to celebrate the benefits and satisfactions that eating seasonal, tasty homecooked vegetarian food can have.


Recipes from around the world food from around the corner.

At Milgi we aim to cook as seasonally as we can. We forage the fields and hedgerows, select organic ingredients where ever possible and endeavor to source from small businesses for our supplies. We like to keep things simple and Simon our chef makes everything from scratch so that we can offer you wholesome, inspiring and seasonal grub that is beautiful inside and out.

Simonʼs recipes are inspired by the continents of the world and with local international food stores and deliʼs at his finger tips is able to add a rooted depth and something quite unique to his cooking. For every season he designs a special menu based on what he can source from local organic farms so you know that you are eating the freshest, tastiest ingredients – just the way nature intended.


Here at Milgi we love, and we mean “love” to serve up the best cocktails and homemade drinks youʼve ever tasted.

We donʼt focus on the frills we just keep it simple, and concentrate on using only the freshest fruit, the sexiest spirits and the most delectable combinations to deliver a truly satisfying liquid experience. For every season, we create a new and totally irresistible cocktail to suit the mood. We forage the orchards and hedgerows to find what we need to create a truly unique cocktail that only lasts, as long as well, nature intended it to!

If, youʼre are not looking for an alcoholic beverage, despair not – at Milgi we have an extensive range of non-alcoholic drinks that might even sway you from your primary intentions. Made with the same philosophy in mind, our non-alcoholic drinks are a refreshing alternative, and even count as one of your five a day! Did you know we even make our own sugar syrup that is used in all our home-made drinks from Fairtrade sugar.


Milgiʼs gallery puts art in a social context, away from the traditional white cube and right back where it belongs – where people can see it.

Our objective is to provide a platform for exciting local, artists to explore new ideas, while developing their careers through exhibitions and networking with other creative people. Most of the artists that exhibit in Milgi start out as customers or regulars who visualize their work being displayed in the gallery. This creates an open relationship between the artists and the Milgi gallery, in turn giving the viewer approachable art in a friendly environment. If you would like submit your work for selection please get in touch to arrange a little rendevouz with you, your portfolio and the gallery team.


Milgi is renowned for itʼs atmosphere.

The people, the decor, the integrated art, the sound of knives and forks on plates and of course the music all co-exist to create something quite unique. Like our recipes we travel the world and create harmonious yet intriguing selections of music that not only inspire but act as the perfect backdrop to the marvels that visiting Milgi will bring. With a strong emphasis on eclectic music genres such as World, African, Reggae, Dub, Folk and Funk, youʼre never quite sure where the playlist will take you – but, one things for sure, youʼll come away feeling warm, content and happy from the inside out. Donʼt forget to download our monthly playlist which are made especially for you to enjoy at home. A slice of the Milgi vibe in your very own living room.