Maybe the strangest thing I’ve ever made…but delicious

Preparations are in full swing for tomorrow’s one-off special Valentines menu.

I love creating menus for one-offs and supper clubs as it gives us a chance to play around with new ideas and get off the beaten culinary track in the kitchen. It’s a breeding ground for new dishes and hopefully each menu will provide us with one or two new things to go on future Milgi specials or even the fixed menu.

Over the last two days we’ve been working on the rosemary sherbet, amongst other things. Everyone that’s tasted it has described it as an “exciting” taste, which is exactly what we wanted. As a food stuff in itself, I have to admit it’s pretty unusual, but paired with the richness of the blue cheese bon bon it works a treat.

The starting point of the menu was the four corners of the world but we’ve bent the rules a bit for the first course with Perl Las cheese and gorse flowers to be picked in the morning in Pontypridd: obviously Wales isn’t a corner but, in fact, the centre of the world.